cctv camera with bracket

Analog security cameras are basic CCTV cameras with limited features but best for small premises. It contains cameras as per your need and one DVR where all cameras are connected. Analog cameras come in 2mp, 4mp, and 8mp with 4, 8, and 16 channel (Number of cameras to attach) DVR. It depends on you and our advice about how many cameras you need and which type of CCTV cameras suits best to your need. Let us discuss some features of analog CCTV cameras
1. Motion Detection
Analog cameras can detect motion in defined are and notify the owner through mobile apps. The detection accuracy of analog cameras is perfect even at night time.
2. Night vision
These cameras provide night vision as well. If you go for the color analog camera then you will be able to see the color picture even at night time. And if there is no light for the camera anymore then the camera will turn on its own light to make the view more visible, so we can say that it’s can be your eye even on darkest nights.
3. High-Quality Video
Analog cameras can record video in high definition but only if you choose 5 or 8-megapixel cameras.
4. Recording Schedule
You can set the recording schedule as per your need. For example, you need recording from 9 PM till 9 AM, you can set the timing and it will record only in this time period. The recording will be saved in installed Hard Drive in DVR and you can playback them whenever and you need from your mobile app or DVR.
5. Mobile APP support
You can have access to all camera’s live feed on your mobile app so you can see your premises whenever and wherever you want with internet connectivity.
6. Wind and rainproof
Analog CCTV cameras are sturdy in nature. They are rain and windproof so it doesn’t matter if you install them outdoor or indoor.
7. Audio Recording
Analog CCTV system will also record live audio as well. You can hear and watch your premises at the same time.

CCTV systems are mostly wired but wireless also exists. Wireless CCTV systems are not so reliable and also, they need the change of battery after a couple of months and cant provides stable connectivity with DVR and mobile app due to wireless nature. We prefer only a wired CCTV system for the best experience and reliability.
How we can help you:
CCTV systems and Security Alarms are the primary services of Reenetech. We install, upgrade and troubleshoot CCTV systems in Manchester and its surroundings. We provide:

1. Best home CCTV installation
2. Commercial Installation (offices, shops, stores, warehouses, etc.)
3. Industrial CCTV installation

We only install top brands (Mostly Hikvision and Dhua) CCTV systems because it’s reliable in every aspect and provide useful latest features.
Why you should choose us?
1. We don’t use premade wires as most of the CCTV installers do and make a mess of wires which later annoy customers and acquire more space.
2. Hiding the wire is our priority so that a nice and clean job can be done.
3. We are punctual and friendly.
4. We care about our customer’s money and provide a 2-year warranty of parts.
5. Best after-sale service.
Let us know your requirments and we will provide best suitable security solution in your budget.