cctv cameras

When it comes to security; always prefer the best quality products. Quality products give you the assurance and satisfaction you need. In this technological era, hiring a security guard to secure your assets is no more in practice. They are replaced by CCTV systems.
What is a CCTV system?
Closed Circuit Television (CCTV), sometimes called Video Surveillance, uses video cameras to record the defined area 24/7 hours. You can have eyes and ears on your premises 24/7 without any fear of human error as we have seen in the past while we use security guards. Also, you can hear voices and watch your premises live from anywhere in the world with the help of an App. CCTV systems contain a couple of cameras (according to your need) and a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which perform all the processing on a live recording of cameras. There are two main types of CCTV systems:
1. Analogue CCTV systems (2, 4, and 8 Mega Pixels)
2. IP CCTV systems (2, 4, and 8 Mega Pixels)
Analog CCTV cameras are not network-dependent cameras. They provide fewer features and video quality than IP cameras. Analog cameras are best for home and small premises surveillance where you don’t need more security features. IP cameras are based on computer networks (Internet Protocol) which is why they are called IP cameras. Every camera in an IP camera system has its own IP on which it operates. They provide more features and way better video quality than analog cameras. In a nutshell, IP cameras are the latest and future of video surveillance. IP cameras are best for small to large premises and for homes as well due to their versatile features. For more details on types of CCTV systems, kindly visit the IP camera or Analogue camera.
Features of CCTV systems:
1. Motion detection
2. Voice and Video Recording
3. Notifications
4. Access Globally from mobile app
5. Rain and windproof (Indoor & outdoor)
6. Night color vision
7. Smart Tracking
8. Strobe & Siren
9. Playing Pre Recorded Messages from Camera Speaker
10. Integration with Security Alarm
If you are confused or wondering which CCTV system is best for you then you should read: Which CCTV system is best for me?
What is our Share:
We at Reenetech provide the installation, upgrade, and troubleshooting of CCTV systems either it’s analog or IP. We serve in Manchester, UK, and the surroundings. We only do Hikvision CCTV systems, which are the best and one of the top 3 manufacturers of CCTV in the world. Apart from that, we can also install any other CCTV system like Dhua, as per customer need. You just have to give us a call and we will be there according to the agreed time. We will have a look at your premises and your needs and provide you with a quote. You will get a two-year warranty on all the systems we have installed. We will fix or replace the item (if needed) totally free of cost in the warranty period. We have a reputation for after-sale service so you just have to call us once and we will be there to fix your issue. We believe in customer satisfaction and good relation for the long run