cctv security camera

IP (Internet Protocol) Cameras always perform the basic analog CCTV cameras in terms of video quality, features, and integration with other security devices. IP cameras are computer network-based cameras that create a network with NVR (Network Video Recorder). In analog cameras we have DVR but in IP camera system operates on NVR. Best Cameras to secure large premises like big homes and areas. It provides an extra layer of security with a plethora of features.
1. Siren & Strobe
It generates a siren and flashlight when it detects any motion in a defined area.
2. Motion detection
Provides more advanced features of motion detection with no false-positive than basic CCTV systems
3. Smart Tracking
If you install a PTZ camera with an IP cameras system, then PTZ cameras will track the intruder wherever it moves in your premises.
4. Prerecorded Messages
It can play prerecorded messages to alert the intruder that the owner is watching you. Recorded messages will play from the built-in speaker installed in IP cameras.
5. Integrations
You can integrate your IP camera system with the speaker to make an announcement if an intruder trespasses your property, you can integrate it with security alarms, heat sensors, and smoke sensors.
6. Audio Recording
Ip CCTV cameras can record clear audio even from a distance of 20 meters.
7. App connectivity
You can connect your CCTV system with a mobile app and keep an eye on your property from anywhere.
8. Recording Schedule
Recording can be scheduled according to your need and you can play it back whenever you want.
9. Video Quality
IP Security cameras can record video with 20 to 25 frames per second while a basic CCTV system can record only 8 to 10 frames per second. IP cameras have sharper and clearer images than analog cameras.
10. Night Vision
Provides clear night vision at night and detects small movements accurately during nighttime.
IP surveillance cameras are expensive than basic but provide extreme security options to secure premises from intruders. These digital CCTV cameras are best when you need extreme security. Integration of various security devices is the most valuable feature of these cameras.
Wireless IP camera is also available in the market, but wireless connectivity is not stable and doesn’t provide video quality as compared to wired IP cameras. We don’t recommend a wifi IP camera to our customers because it will need a change of batteries after a couple of months which is a hassle for customers.

We advise our customers not to hire any unprofessional CCTV installer for IP CCTV camera installation because IP camera setup requires the knowledge of computer networks to install and configure all its functions. Rentech provides professional service of installation, upgrade, and troubleshooting of CCTV installation Manchester and surroundings. We install Hikvision best IP camera because they are reliable and quality products. We have 10 years of experience in installing and managing IP cameras for homes and businesses.