IP Cameras system

IP cameras are the future of CCTV Security. Better in resolution, picture quality, scalability, frames per second, and advance in a plethora of other features (strobe siren, motion detection, flashing lights, and playing recorded voice messages) as compared to traditional analog CCTV systems. These advancements of technology in IP camera systems have made them flexible enough to use for businesses, home, street, and road surveillance. 

Best system to choose in securing your premises. Bit expansive than analog CCTV systems but it’s future of CCTV security. Provides more clear video quality than normal CCTV in some cases can read vehicle number plates as well. 


Let’s talk about some features of IP cameras mentioned above:

Strobe Siren: This feature generates alerts by making the sound of siren and flashlights if someone enters your declared premises. This feature is handy to alert the intruder that property owners are watching every inch of their land. Handy to use in home gardens, garages with expansive cars, and business premises.

Motion Detection: Another advanced feature in IP cameras systems is used to detect if there is any motion in the declared area and notify the owner with notification and also play Strobe and Siren to alert the intruder. IP camera motion detection is smarter than normal CCTV cameras in terms of differentiating animal, human, and vehicle.

Pre Recorded Messages:  When motion is detected then the strobe and siren will appear on the camera but it’s not only the strobe and siren, you can also play the recorded message through the camera to deliver your message to the intruder. In common practice default recorded message in-camera is used like “This is private property! please leave the premises” or “Be careful! this is restricted area”. This feature is useful when anyone wants a higher level of security for their business, home, or any vulnerable premises.

App Connectivity: Now you can see your cameras from anywhere around the world, you just need internet connectivity and an app on which your Ip cameras are connected and fingers crossed. 

As these cameras are based on IP (Internet Protocol) Network systems so their installation is not as same as Analogue CCTV systems. Traditional CCTV systems use DVR (Digital Video Recorder), while IP CCTV systems use NVR (Network Video Recorder). If you need to upgrade your analog camera system to an IP camera system then you must have to change the whole system to install IP cameras. Expert professional is needed who have knowledge of how computer networks operate and how to configure IP camera with their NVR. Luckily, here at Reene Tech, we have installed a plethora of IP camera systems successfully and we have been doing this for the last 6 years.

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We provide the best CCTV systems service in Manchester and its surroundings. We only do Hikvisoin; one of the best top 3 CCTV manufacturers in the world. If you are planning to secure your premises or you want to upgrade your installed system then give us a call and we will be at your doorstep in the next working day. We will quote (no fee) you after careful analysis of your property and your need. 

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