CCTV system

Analog CCTV Security Cameras

Analog cameras are used widely for security purposes. The reason to choose this type of CCTV camera is the plethora of modern features and cost-effectiveness. Many domestic users prefer to install analog cameras because they provide enough security service with the HD video quality. The working mechanism of the analog camera is effortless, where a coaxial cable connects with the camera and is used to send the signals of recorded images to the Digital Video Recorder (DVR). Later, the DVR converts the video file for the user to watch the live footage on the preferred screen and keeps the record on the Hard Drive in real-time. You can also watch the live footage on your mobile app from anywhere.

Reenetech offers installtion and repair of Hikvision analog cameras. Analog cameras are suitable for homes and small businesses because they are inexpensive and reliable. We know the importance of the security of your property; therefore, we provide security solutions that our clients can get without any problem. We are dealing with all types of analog cameras that come at different prices and video quality:

  1. 2MP video quality
  2. 4MP
  3. 8MP

We offer these security cameras at a meager price with unique features that efficiently protect and secure your house and commercial property and record every moment. 

Features of Analog CCTV system:

  1. App controlled
  2. Night vision
  3. Stobe and Sire
  4. Zooming preference
  5. Option of cloud storage
  6. More than two weeks of video recording backup in a local Hard Drive
  7. HD picture quality

Moreover, Reenetech offers the installation of these analog cameras with up to dated technology. As HD analog spontaneously increases the picture quality and resolution.