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Wireless Intruder Alarm

Reenetech offers to install a Wireless Intruder Alarm at your premises, giving you advanced security features. Intruder Alarm is available in the wireless and wired form. They do not require any extra equipment for installation or operation. We offer Intruder Alarm wireless service to our commercial and domestic clients with advanced features at a meager price. People, who used to install home safety cameras, also need to install Intruder Alarm for an efficient access security control system. Our cutting-edge pyronix wireless Alarm can be connected with an app that keeps you up to date about the security of your premises anywhere in the world with the notifications and sound on your mobile.

In our services, we also offer you a free security audit so that you can ensure the security solution and then purchase it from us. We have a vast range of Wireless Burglar Alarms with different costs and features. We specially focus on the various technologies we use in it, like the wireless transmission, which also gives the alarm message or commands through the IP. Moreover, in case of repair or maintenance issues, you can easily handle and deal with them. 

Today the security alarm is our need for the security of our companies, houses, and all commercial areas. 

Features of Wireless Intruder Alarm:

  1. No mess of wires in your premises, total wireless
  2. The smart and appealing design and features
  3. It can be fully controlled by an app
  4. Offers Pet immunity
  5. One year minimum warranty, only pay for a part
  6. Long-lasting batteries, in most cases, haven’t changed the battery for almost three years
  7. Intruder Alarm wireless has power backup options
  8. It also contains an internal or external keypad.
  9. There are no single problems in the case of intruder alarm wireless
  10. Excellent performance at a low-cost price
  11. Wireless alarms are more flexible and versatile as they have more advanced features, and you can easily install and operate them

Reenetech will take care of its clients and provide all the assistance regarding installing and repairing the Intruder Alarm Wireless. 

Wired Intruder Alarm

Intruder Alarms are widely used for security purposes, and most people prefer installing them for their houses and office. At Reenetech, we offer the installation of Wired Intruder Alarms for homes and businesses. In this modern world, people’s priority is simple and obvious, and they try to secure their properties, houses, and commercial places. The intruder-wired alarm is famous because of its reliability and versatility. So, we offer the wired intruder alarm that will give you 100% security with the advanced technology mechanism.

Features of Wired Intruder Alarm:

  1. Price efficient, cheaper than wireless alarm
  2. Operated by App and built-in keyboard
  3. Offer Pet immunity
  4. Loud siren
  5. Adjustable sensors sensitivity
  6. Integrateable with smoke and fire alarm
  7. Flexible control – Select multiple areas in your premises for alarm
  8. Minimum one-year warranty. You will only pay for a part.

The only problem our clients can have is the mess of wires as this is a wired burglar alarm. We try our best to hide the cables, but you may still be able to see some wires if your house is already built. In new construction, we guarantee to hide the cables by any means.

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